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Timely Truth . . . 2

January 10, 2009

Another timely truth . . .

Yesterday, Mark Batterson wrote a blog on Persistence . . .

In the midst of our current circumstances, a sentiment has been repeated that I have heard before:  “If God was really calling you to Baltimore, you would have been there a long time ago.”

Moses waited 40 years from his calling until he acutally got to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt.

Moses never did see the promised land . . . the people waited 40 years in the desert to cross over and take the land.

David waited throughout Saul’s reign as king, even though he had been annointed to be king as a young boy.

Jeremiah was called to be a great prophet, despite a visibly unfruitful ministry.

The examples go on and on.

I first felt called to the Baltimore area over 7 years ago.  I tried to move then, but God didn’t release the details.  Emily and I first felt a renewall of that call about  2.5 years ago.  We’ve been working on discovering more details since then.  God has been faithful in some areas, but is still withholding others.

We are 100% convinced that God has called us to a specific place — the Rogers Forge area of Towson, Maryland.  We have met a handful of key people who will be able to help us connect with the community. We also now believe that God is calling us to relocate and get a job in architecture as we establish our lives in the community, developing a ministry down the road.

The current economic situation has prevented me from finding that job.  God is bigger than the economy.  We are convinced that no matter what happens in the economy, God is going to bring the right job at the right time.

If I listened to some of the people around me, I would give up and walk away . . . and spend my life miserable because I didn’t pursue what I believed God was calling me to.

I’m not giving up.  God has lined up some amazing elements of our calling over the past 30 months.  He’s not done yet.  I am going to be persistent.  I am pressing on.  I am chasing every angle I can come up with.  God will work it out . . . but I am going to do everything I can to give Him that opportunity.

No matter what, in the end, we’re going to have an incredible testimony of how God sovereignly orchestrated every detail in just the right way and in just the right time.

But until then, we press on.

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