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Architecture and Economy

October 15, 2009

I’m a little encouraged this week.  I’m still looking for an architecture job in the Baltimore area.  I’ve been in contact with several firms for various reasons . . .

  • A couple firms I’ve been in contact with before seem to be stabilizing.  While they don’t have enough work to expand their staff yet, they are at least not in danger of laying anyone off for the rest of the year.
  • I’ve seen a couple of jobs pop-up on job boards.  Resume sent.  At least one would potentially be a decent match and a great opportunity for me.
  • A couple firms I sent resumes to cold have replied with some ideas for creatively finding a job in other areas based on their own experiences.
  • I have expanded the reach of potential churches for facilities consulting.  A large denominational organization is looking forward to referring me some contract work to help churches evaluate and prepare for building programs.  When I get a job and/or my license, it may develop into real architectural work, as well.
  • I called to get the OK to register for the LAST section of the ARE (again).  6 of 7 complete, one retake in December.  Should register to take it in the next week once my authorization number is indeed reactivated.

Moving forward!

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