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Life Lessons

September 5, 2010

Well, this Labor Day weekend has been a LABORIOUS one!

But, we’ve had some interesting Life Lessons to learn in the process . . .

It all began Friday evening. Emily and Katie picked me up from work to go out to eat at our local Mexican place, El Salto (Parkville, Maryland — highly recommended).

On our way home, as we approached a stop light, a silver dart (another car) came passing through the adjacent line of traffic and hit the side of our car. Until the whole process is complete, I won’t share further details of the actual wreck . . . but thus began our weekend . . . and thus began some great life-lessons. Here’s the current top ten:Mazda 5 Wreck

  1. When a crisis happens, our God-given gifts, talents, and personalities come shining through. I immediately began assessing damage, checking to make sure everyone was OK, calling 911, etc. Emily was concerned about Katie, herself, and en-utero Holly.  We both were frustrated that the car we had paid off just a few months ago was now all messed up.
  2. Katie LOVES fire trucks and firemen. She’s going to be a flirt and she got plenty of practice while all the mess was going on. She also loves music, singing, and especially Lady Gaga. None of that is news to us, but was definitely apparent on Friday night. Mommy: “Katie, are you OK?” Katie: “Yes mommy, sing.”
  3. We got a pretty good tour of our hospital. After the wreck, Emily’s OB strongly suggested coming in to get checked out (we were planning on it, as Emily had significant concerns.) We spent some time in the ER getting Emily taken care of, and then got transported to Labor and Delivery to monitor and check on Holly.
  4. Holly is going to be amazing. With over 3 months left until she is scheduled to be introduced to the world, Holly is impressing the doctors with her skills — dancing, kicking, reacting to outside stimuli, and even fluctuating her heartbeat in accordance with her movement (which is apparently not normal until later in pregnancy.)
  5. We got a HUGE lesson in how a church should take care of their own. Over the course of our lives, Emily and I have been a part of many churches. No matter what crisis we’ve encountered in life, NO CHURCH has EVER taken care of us like Valley Baptist Church has taken care of us over the past couple of days. — Someone from the church has checked on us every few hours all weekend. One person came to the scene to help me unload all the stuff from our car, get us home, and load it all back into our other car.  Another person came to sit at our apartment while Katie was sleeping, while Emily and I went to the ER. Several other families gave us insurance and accident related advice, since we’re new to the rules in Maryland. Yet another family brought us dinner on Saturday, just to ease our burden at the end of a crazy day. I’ve heard of churches doing this before, but never experienced it like this . . . and while this is a crisis, we’ve had much more significant life change incidents than this in the past.
  6. Several of our friends who are not involved in church have also been helpful and supportive–moreso than some of our “church friends” in the past.
  7. Experiencing true friendship on all sides definitely reinforces our confidence in being where God has called us to be and doing what God has called us to do.
  8. If you’re in a moderate-to-severe car wreck, REPLACE YOUR CHILD’S CAR SEAT. For more information, read here: — FYI, the property damage portion of insurance ought to pay for the new car seat if it meets the requirements — no guarantees, but you ought to try.
  9. I’m wondering how hard of a hit it takes to engage the side curtain air bags. Should I be concerned that they didn’t in this wreck?
  10. Dealing with insurance, phone calls, legal junk, paperwork, and all that stuff can be the most tiring and distressing part of the whole experience.

I’m sure there’s more lessons to be learned . . . especially as the situation continues to unfold. But for now, we continue to appreciate your prayers and support!

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